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Moje ime je Tamara. Po struci sam magistar farmacije sa odlicnim znanjem engleskog jezika. Moj redovan posao je rad u apoteci a u slobodno vreme drzim privatne casove engleskog jezika do nivoa B2.
Moj pristup je individualan, budite sigurni da cu se posvetiti maksimalno i zadovoljiti Vasa ocekivanja i da cemo zajedno raditi na ostvarivanju Vasih ciljeva.
Odlicno vladam gramatikom i konverzacijom i kroz zanimljive nacine uspevam da prenesem znanje ucenicima.


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What's Kewoo?

Kewoo is an online educational platform that pairs students with private tutors from all over the world via online chat.

How can I find a tutor?

You can find a suitable tutor in "Tutors" section. The find tutor button is located in the upper left corner of the page. You can make use of the search filters to refine the search based on your needs, price range and etc.

How do I contact a tutor?

You can simply get in touch with your tutor by sending her/him e-mail or texting her/him on one of the IM (instant messaging) apps listed in her/his profile.

How do I book a lesson?

There are different ways to book your lesson:

- Contact your tutor sending her/him a direct message through one of the instant messaging applications that s/he uses.

- Book a 15 minute free trial lesson to get to know your tutor and tell her/him more about your goals and expectations.

- Book a private lesson with your tutor by selecting the available time slot from tutor's calendar.

How do I pay for my lesson?

When making the reservation for your lesson, you can make a payment using one of the payment methods accepted by your tutor. You can also agree payment method with your tutor via IM or during your free trial lesson.

What if I need to cancel my lesson?

If for any reason, you need to cancel your booked lesson, we highly suggest you letting your tutor know as soon as possible that you're not going to be able to make it to your lesson. Please, remember that tutor's time is our most precious resource and we need to use it wisely. Always try to cancel your lesson at least 24 hours in advance.

If I am not satisfied, am I eligible for a refund?

It solely depends on tutor's service delivery policy. Each tutor is free to determine its own service delivery policy. If you are not sure that the tutor can meet your expectations, we highly recommend you scheduling a trial class and get to know your future tutor better prior to booking a private class.

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